Thursday, May 15, 2014

Windy Friday

It was windy last Friday. Adam was in town because Walleye Wagatta was in FDL Saturday and Sunday, so it was a good warm up for both of us. Adam went out on his brand new JP Super Sport ~120L with a 7.0 Pryde Evo and I went out on my isonic97 and 7.0 Reflex3. I also borrowed Adam's Vector Fins Alpha 38cm fin and was very happy with it. We each have a couple of Vectors on the way to round out our fin quivers for Nationals and I am really excited to get one. With the 38 Alpha I managed one of my best gps sessions ever, and the best I've had in the choppy waters of Lake Winnebago. Top speed of 31.97 knots and almost hit 30knots for my 5-10sec average.

Additional photos HERE.