Monday, May 26, 2014

New Severne Raceboard sail

I got a new Severne 9.5 Raceboard sail two days before the Dam Jam. The cut is slightly different than my previous sail, and it now features more monofilm and less of the x-ply material that used to be used throughout the sail. The new sail also adds a 4th camber inducer (3 above the boom, 1 below). It feels a bit crisper now and is probably a bit lighter. I still need to adjust the cam and batten tension a bit to improve the rotation, but this is common with any new race sail.

I hope to have everything ironed out with the sail for US Nationals in Worthington, MN in a few weeks.

Check out some pictures of the new 9.5 as well as some of the previous model.

My previous 9.5 Raceboard sail (2012 model year)

New 9.5 Raceboard sail (2014 model year)

Gliding downwind in light wind

Heading upwind in a stiff breeze. US292 is on a 2012 9.5 Raceboard. I'm sheeted out a bit to bear off since the puff lifted us above the layline.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dam Jam

Dam Jam was fun last weekend. Saturday was light very shifty wind that saw the fleet really mixing it up throughout each race. Alex Monroe and Adam Anderson were consistent in keeping their speed and finding wind throughout the day and each won two races, with Alex holding a 1-point lead over Adam at day's end. I struggled with finding wind at times and only managed one top-3 finish, but at least it was a bullet in race3.

Sunday was forecast with more wind that was set to build throughout the day. The first race (R6) I had to overcome a poor start to salvage a fourth place as Peter, Adam, and Alex checked out on the rest of us. The wind got over 10mph by R7 and I finally got my act together to win the race. R8 had more wind and Adam and I duked it out to the finish in a strong puff as we tacked to the starboard layline to finish. Adam was higher into the wind and had to push off the wind to get down to the boat (low end of the line) while I was lower and right on the layline sailing more comfortably. But he hunkered down through the puff and held me off at the finish.

R9 had probably the most wind of the regatta (gusts to 20) and me and Don Atlmeyer got to the upwind mark first. We caught a great puff coming around the mark and were able to plane all the way through the next two reaching legs. I was able to hold off Don for the bullet. R10 was also windy and Adam and I got a good start to lead at the top mark. I shifted gears quicker for the reaching legs and took another bullet.

With 10 good races in the books, my brother Adam Anderson took home the Dam Jam title. He sailed well both days and had very few mistakes. I dug too big of a hole for my title hopes on Saturday but was able to sail well enough Sunday to tie with Alex, and win the tiebreaker (most bullets) for 2nd overall.

RESULTS:    A Fleet    |    Kona    |    Sport

Click HERE for pictures from the 2014 Dam Jam, courtesy of "Low Boom" Larry Reed.

Up next is US Windsurfing National Championship in Worthington, MN

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Walleye Wagatta

Walleye Wagatta was this weekend. I won the first race, a long distance, pretty handily in a moderate breeze on the Phantom 377 and Raceboard 9.5. But my brother, Adam, really made me work the rest of the weekend, with him winning all four course races. I had a late start in the first one and had to salvage 4th place (throwout), and then got 2nd's in the next three. Adam and I were close in each race but he had a nose for the wind and kept coming out on top. But, I managed to come out on top with a 1-1-(4)-2-2-2 = 8 vs his (6)-6-1-1-1-1 = 10. My Dad finished tied for third on the strength of his great 3rd place finish in the distance race. Good job! We almost had an Anderson sweep for the top 3 place ;)

Next up is the Dam Jam this weekend.

Photo Album

Look at all those Severne Raceboard sails! Kevin, Wayne, & Alex (L-R) finishing the distance race.

Big Clamcleats

I needed to get bigger Clamcleats to go on my new Enigma booms. I had a hard time finding them at first. Fortunately some good folks on the Starboard Team Forum were able to get me pointed in the right direction. Turns out the right direction was to windsurfing legend Phil McGain at Maui Sails! They had the parts in stock and helped me out in no time, and the adjustable outhaul worked great the first time out. Thanks!

Windy Friday

It was windy last Friday. Adam was in town because Walleye Wagatta was in FDL Saturday and Sunday, so it was a good warm up for both of us. Adam went out on his brand new JP Super Sport ~120L with a 7.0 Pryde Evo and I went out on my isonic97 and 7.0 Reflex3. I also borrowed Adam's Vector Fins Alpha 38cm fin and was very happy with it. We each have a couple of Vectors on the way to round out our fin quivers for Nationals and I am really excited to get one. With the 38 Alpha I managed one of my best gps sessions ever, and the best I've had in the choppy waters of Lake Winnebago. Top speed of 31.97 knots and almost hit 30knots for my 5-10sec average.

Additional photos HERE.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Winnebago Session 2014

Yesterday was a great first session on Lake Winnebago. The lake has been open for a couple weeks but I hadn't gotten a chance to get out. Fortunately yesterday lined up perfectly. 15-25 mph wind, mostly sunny skies, and over 60-deg temperature. The water was even pretty good temperature. I didn't wear cold water booties - just my normal thin ATAN Madi's.

Good session on my iSonic 121 and 7.0 Reflex3. I sailed over to Windpower to hang with Kevin Gratton and several others that launched over there. GPS track showed 32 mph max speed, 21.5 mph best alpha 500 jibe, and 25.9 mph fastest nautical mile.

I can't wait for the MOWIND race season to start. Next weekend is the Walleye Wagatta at Windpower, and the following weekend is the Dam Jam in Des Moines, IA. More info HERE.

My rig

GPS overlay

Lake Winnebago this morning - starting to look like summer!