Monday, May 26, 2014

New Severne Raceboard sail

I got a new Severne 9.5 Raceboard sail two days before the Dam Jam. The cut is slightly different than my previous sail, and it now features more monofilm and less of the x-ply material that used to be used throughout the sail. The new sail also adds a 4th camber inducer (3 above the boom, 1 below). It feels a bit crisper now and is probably a bit lighter. I still need to adjust the cam and batten tension a bit to improve the rotation, but this is common with any new race sail.

I hope to have everything ironed out with the sail for US Nationals in Worthington, MN in a few weeks.

Check out some pictures of the new 9.5 as well as some of the previous model.

My previous 9.5 Raceboard sail (2012 model year)

New 9.5 Raceboard sail (2014 model year)

Gliding downwind in light wind

Heading upwind in a stiff breeze. US292 is on a 2012 9.5 Raceboard. I'm sheeted out a bit to bear off since the puff lifted us above the layline.