Friday, September 28, 2012

The start of the yard cart

Here are the materials I'm starting with for the yard cart / windsurf
dolly. The aluminum frame is from the vertical blinds we're taking out
of the house. Bought the tires and bearings to attach the axle to the
frame, and a piece of 5/8" steel rod for the axle.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Windpower Championships were this weekend. I did an overall write up over at the MOWIND site. I finished 2nd again this year, with Mark Boersma taking another 1st. Congrats to him on another win - he's very fast and showed tremendous board control in R2 when the wind rapidly increased. That is when he separated from me in the scores and I wasn't able to make it back in the subsequent races. I still sailed a pretty solid regatta and thought it was a good start to the 2013 MOWIND Race Series.

RESULTS:  A Fleet  |  Kona  |  Sport

LINK to photo album from the Fond du Lac Reporter

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Race

On Saturday the Windpower Championships RC told us about an "unknown"
race that we should expect at some point. Sunday morning they filled
us in on the details - a series of tricks on each leg, while wearing
costumes, and picking up a pumpkin along the way. Here's the diagram
they drew...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Super Crossing 2012

The Super Crossing went well as we sailed about 9 miles each way from Windpower to TJ's Harbor. It took about 40 minutes going there in about a 15 mph breeze, and about 60 minutes coming back in about a 10 mph wind. I sailed the Phantom with the Severne 9.5.

Supercross Midpoint

We sailed from Windpower to TJ's on the west shore for the supercross.
The severne guys (me, Kevin, and Don) all got across quick and are
having a beer at the bar.

Magnus, Thuder Bay Ray, and Mike Reed are coming in now too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Winds

The fall winds are kicking in. 30+ mph gusts throughout the day. I got out for a quick sail after work on the 6.2 Reflex III with the 100L slalom board and 32 cm fin. Took a few broad reaches down to Deadwood Point and then sailed with the kiters for a bit. The wind and chop was crazy off the point - the only place I've sailed with more confused steep chop is SF Bay. I never got the hang of it there, and still haven't mastered it here, but I'll keep trying.

It was hard to fit in good gps speed runs with the chop, but I was glad I took out slalom gear. I need more time in the challenging conditions until I can get the technique and geared dialed in to be more comfortable.

I hope the wind continues to this weekend for the annual Windpower Championships, just a mile down the road. The forecast is currently for west winds about 10-15 mph. The early registration numbers are good, so we should have a strong fleet this weekend. Racing all Saturday and Sunday!

Link to GPS Results