Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Winds

The fall winds are kicking in. 30+ mph gusts throughout the day. I got out for a quick sail after work on the 6.2 Reflex III with the 100L slalom board and 32 cm fin. Took a few broad reaches down to Deadwood Point and then sailed with the kiters for a bit. The wind and chop was crazy off the point - the only place I've sailed with more confused steep chop is SF Bay. I never got the hang of it there, and still haven't mastered it here, but I'll keep trying.

It was hard to fit in good gps speed runs with the chop, but I was glad I took out slalom gear. I need more time in the challenging conditions until I can get the technique and geared dialed in to be more comfortable.

I hope the wind continues to this weekend for the annual Windpower Championships, just a mile down the road. The forecast is currently for west winds about 10-15 mph. The early registration numbers are good, so we should have a strong fleet this weekend. Racing all Saturday and Sunday!

Link to GPS Results