Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gear for Sale - Fall 2015

Here is my updated list of gear for sale. Check out the PHOTO ALBUM for pictures of many of the items, and be sure to click the 'info' button in the photo album for descriptions. Please email me or call 920-2five1-8six48 with any questions or for specific pictures, etc.

Be sure to hit the info button for details on each picture

2012 Starboard iSonic 97 Carbon slalom board. 97L, 64 cm wide. $950

2010 Starboard iSonic 121 Wood slalom board. 121L, 75 cm wide. $750

2010 Starboard Formula HWR Carbon. 100cm wide. Has custom double chicken straps. $1000

2013 Starboard WindSUP 12' Silver. Stand up paddle board. 12-ft long, 32.5 inches wide. $950
- SUP or connect a sail to Windsurf. Great travel bag available for $120.

2009 Copello custom slalom. ~90-95L, 61 cm wide. $500
- I won the 2009 Midwest Speed Quest on the Copello with a top speed of 40.8 mph.

~2004 Drops course slalom. 9'6", 122L. $250
- The Drops is all carbon, very light and stiff. Great value for an early planing board. Price includes nice reflective board bag.

* All boards listed above have tuttle or deep tuttle box, except WindSUP has standard fin box.
** Bags available for all boards for negotiable price

6.2 Severne Reflex 3. 433 cm luff, 200 cm clew. Excellent condition. $450

7.0 Severne Reflex 3. 463 cm luff, 207 cm clew. Good condition. $400
- mast and boom for 6.2/7.0 are available, see below

Race/Formula/light wind planing
11.0 Severne Reflex 2. 568 cm luff, 258 cm clew. Excellent condition. $480
- mast and boom are available, see below

7.5 Severne Turbo (2012). 482 cm luff, 205 cm clew. The twin cam Turbo is a great all around sail. $375
- Blueline boom listed below works well on this sail

6.5 Severne Turbo (2012). 456 cm luff, 190 cm clew. The twin cam Turbo is a great all around sail. $350
- 430 Redline mast and blueline boom listed below work well on this sail

6.0 Severne Turbo (2011). 435 cm luff, 185 cm clew. The twin cam Turbo is a great all around sail. $325
- 430 Redline mast and blueline boom listed below work well on this sail

5.4 Neil Pryde Supersonic (~2003). 432 cm luff, 181 cm clew. Rigs on 400 - 430cm mast. Older, but lots of life left, and handles wind very well. RAF, no cams. $120

5.0 Neil Pryde Zone (~2003). Luff and clew specs available if needed. Will post later. Good wave/bump sail with lots of life left. $100

3.3, 3.8, and 4.3 Gaastra MW5 (~1999). Specs available if needed. Good for learning or still useful for high wind blasting or ice sailing. $40 each, $100 for all 3.

430 Severne Redline 100% carbon mast. Recommended mast for both the 6.2 and 7.0 Reflex3. Excellent condition. $350

550 Severne Enigma 100% carbon mast. Recommended mast for 11.0 Reflex2. Excellent condition. $600

460 Neil Pryde X6 100% carbon mast. Good condition. $275

Various 400, 430, and 460 30-80% carbon masts available.

Gulftech high modulus carbon (super duper strong) race boom with high performance HPL head. ~240-300 cm. $350
- Top of the line adjustable outhaul, Sailworks adjustable harness lines, and uphaul available for additional $100

Severne Blueline aluminum boom. 180-230 cm. Very stiff for an aluminum boom. Modern design and great front end clamp. $120

Chinook aluminum boom. ~130cm - 190cm. Fits ~ 4.0 m2 - 6.0 m2 sails. $75

Maui Fin Company (MFC) SL2, 32 cm. $80
Various formula fins and longboard fins available.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Slalom sailing at Sandy Beach

Got a good session on slalom gear this afternoon. 7.0 Reflex 3 with iSonic97.

I shot some GoPro video using a ClewView for the first time. I need to work on sailing while looking back at the camera though ;) [1:20 in the video]

GPS Results: LINK

2015 Walleye Wagatta

#WalleyeWagatta went great this weekend. Upper 70s air temp Saturday with 10-20 mph wind. Did 3 course races then a long distance on Saturday. On Sunday we were treated to sunny 80 degree air and 15-25+ mph winds. We completed 6 figure-8 slalom races. Some pictures from land Saturday morning are attached.

I raced the Phantom 377 with the Raceboard 9.5 to win 2 of the 3 course races Saturday as well as the long distance race (counts as R4 and R5). I sailed the new Reflex6 7.8 on an iSonic 121L (75cm wide) with a 42 cm Vector Volt2 to win the first four slalom races before the wind started to back off and I had to settle for second place in the last two slalom races. Overall, it was good enough to win the event.
Race Results

Also, we had great photos taken from the committee boat by Dan Seaborn. Here are the first three pics he sent. I'm attempting a 1-handed laydown jibe. But, it looks more like I'm trying to catch flies. Having my eyes closed probably indicates the small chance of this going well.

GPS Results from slalom racing Sunday: LINK

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dam Jam NOR

The 9th annual Saylorville Dam Jam is coming up May 15-17 (racing May 16-17). Check out the Notice of Race. This is always a fun event.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

MOWIND Race Season starts May 2-3

The MOWIND Race Series starts May 2-3 in Fond du Lac, WI with the Walleye Wagatta. Click HERE for the Notice of Race. Contact me with any questions. See you there!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

First session 2015

Got my first session of 2015. Nice wind on Winnebago so took a spin on 6.0 Turbo this morning.

Getting ready for the Badger Final four game now. On Wisconsin!

Monday, March 23, 2015

New 2015 Severne Gear

Just received shipment of my new 2015 Reflex6 7.8 and 460 SDM90. Can't wait to try this rig! The ice on the lake is really thinning and hopefully will be gone in a week or so.

Also got a new Raceboard 9.5 with 530 Enigma and a 430 Redline to go on my Turbos, and a nice Trident board bag.

2015 Severne Reflex6 7.8
The shipment!
Severne Raceboard 9.5
530 Enigma, 460 SDM90, and 430 Redline
Trident board bag