Thursday, October 2, 2014

Windpower and MOWIND results

Quick update...

We had great wind for the Windpower Championships a few weeks ago, and I was able to sail pretty consistently to win the event. Jeff Degayner and Andy Gratton were close throughout the event, and Magnus Zaunmueller, Don Altmeyer, and Niles Book applied plenty of pressure by each winning a race as well.

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The 2014 Mowind Race Series awards were presented during the dinner Saturday night. I was able to win my 9th consecutive Mowind Series title with finishes of 1st - Windpower, 1st - Walleye, 2nd Dam Jam, 2nd Worthington, and 1st - Door County.

6.2 Reflex3 during either R6 or R7
7.8 Reflex2 and iSonic121 on the way to a bullet in R8

Hunkering down on the 7.8 during R9 as conditions got furry.
Don Altmeyer and Jeff Degayner with the pedal to the metal.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Formula Session

The breeze filled in this afternoon so I took my formula gear for a spin. 11.0 Reflex2, HWR, and Finworks 70LT. South wind so it was setup nice for windward leeward up and down the lake. I started off the beach downwind (north) to Deadwood Point by the kiters. Then I turned south and beat up to the lighthouse at the foot of the lake (hence, Fond du Lac). I rounded a channel marker by the marina and went north all the way back to Deadwood. Talked with Kevin and then headed upwind home to call it a day. 21 miles in all. GPS track.

Formula at Nationals

Here are a couple photos that my brother took during Formula racing on Friday. I jumped into the last 2 formula races since Open fleet was done for the day. 11.0 Reflex2, Starboard HWR, and Finworks Lassila 70LT fin.

Off the start line with Xavier Ferlet (left), me in the middle, and Ron Kern (right)

Buzzing the tower between races

Heading to the beach

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aden at Windpower

Aden had his first windsurfing lesson at Windpower today. Kevin did a great job with him and Mary also helped Aden a lot at the end of the lesson.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Front page news

Nice row of red Severne Raceboard sails on the front page of the Daily Globe this morning.

Friday, June 13, 2014

US Nationals Friday update

We did four course races in A Fleet and Kona today. Formula fleet did 3 course races later in the day as the wind built to ~ 10-15 mph. I had opportunities to get bullets today, but Mark Boersma did a fantastic job closing out races, pulling past me in the last moments of R2 and R4 today (R6 and R8 overall). I need to impove on closing out races if I'm going to get any more bullets at this event ;) Bu it is great having strong competition. Andy Gratton sailed very fast today, usually the first around the windwark mark and also right in the mix in each race today.

Since Formula didn't start racing until after A Fleet was done, I quickly switched over to Formula gear to race with them. I didn't manage to switch fast enough to make their first start, but I did each of the next two races (R6 an R7 for them). I finished after Ron Kern and ahead of Guy Miller in each. It was fun racing Formula again since it has been several years since I have done an official race in that class. I was on my Starboard HWR, Severne Reflex2 11.0, and Finworks 70LT (thanks Dave Lassila - it is still working great!).

Tomorrow's forecast is for 20-30+ so more slalom is planned. Maybe some course racing if conditions don't meet the forecast.

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