Monday, February 16, 2015

WISSA 2015

WISSA 2015 was a lot of fun last week. Congrats to all the competitors and thank you to everyone that helped organize and run the event.

Here's a great aerial drone video of the event site on vimeo:

Here are some additional videos on youtube.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WISSA 2015 Starts Next Week

The 2015 WISSA World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship will be held in the beautiful lakefront community of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. February 9-14, 2015.

Race Site Initiation:

Aden and I were on the ice as they shot the video above. You can see our awesome mode of transport from about 20sec to about 25sec through the video. An atv and a garden tractor...
Sweet transportation to the WISSA ice track. Heated WAK Shack in the background.
Fun with the the atv on the ice:

WISSA 2015 teaser video:

PBS covers Worthington Nationals

At the end of December, PBS did a nice program about the 2014 US Nationals at the Worthington Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival.
Check out the video at this link:

I shoot across the screen near the intro at 2:40, and there is a nice sequence of a start that is shot from a GoPro on the nose of Mark Boersma's board at 7:41. It shows Mark establish position over me and cover (rolls me), so then I have to pump out from under him but give up a lot of speed. Interesting for any racers out there...

Don't miss what's coming (It's Big)

Exciting news from Mercury Marine is on the way...

Don't Miss What's Coming (It's Big) #MercuryUnleashed

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Trident Windsurf Team

Trident posted a new page for the Windsurf Team. Cool to be on the same page as these guys!

Thank you to Trident, Starboard, and Severne for the support and great gear over the last four seasons!

Click on my picture to go to my profile page.

Old Pictures

I was looking through old windsurfing pictures and thought I would post some.

Here are pictures from the early 2000's through about 2010. Several of them are from when I started sailing formula when I moved to SF Bay area in 2002. My brothers also were picking up formula at that time and it was fun chasing after each other as we tried to figure out the newfangled wide race boards.
Old Picture Photo Album

Andrew, Adam, and me (L-R) at Chrissy Field. Formula tune-up, spring 2003
Calcup at Chrissy Field, 2005
2004 US Nationals slalom racing at Chrissy Field in front of the Golden Gate

And here are some really old pictures from the 90's as I was learning to windsurf with my brothers and racing imco class at various events.

Robbie Naish signing my shirt in Islamorada, FL at Mistral Tour Finals, 1994

Learning to sail in high wind on Elkhart Lake. I recall this being the day Kurt Cobain died, so April 5, 1994. 1991 Gaastra Speedfoil 4.4 on a Mistral Diamondhead!

1996 US Olympic Trials - Savannah, GA

One of my first sessions in Rio Vista, summer 2000