This page lists my current gear and some information on some equipment I have used in the past. Thank you to my sponsors Starboard and Severne, as well as Windpower Windsurfing & Kiting Center for providing such great equipment.

I compete primarily in the MOWIND Race Series (mostly Raceboard class, but occasionally Formula and Slalom) and the Midwest Speed Quest (GPS Speed Sailing). I also try to travel to other events throughout the US as much as possible.

I replace most items every couple years, so you can check the For Sale page for what I am currently selling, or shoot me an email if you are interested in a particular item listed here. I also highly recommend Kevin Gratton and Ben Herdrich at Windpower Windsurfing to take care of any equipment needs.

Quick List of my Racing Gear:

Raceboard/Open Class: Starboard Phantom 377 (stock Drake NR52 fin) and Severne's latest (2016) Raceboard 9.5 with Severne Enigma 530 mast and Severne Enigma formula boom.

Slalom Gear: Starboard iSonic 120 & Starboard iSonic97 boards. Severne Reflex6 7.8,  Reflex7 for the 7.0 and 6.2. Enigma 460 and 430 masts and Enigma Slalom 180-230 boom. I also occasionally use a Neil Pryde RS5 9.0 that I would like to swap out for a Reflex. I use Vector Fins Volt2 for powerful course slalom, and the Rockit for speed and downwind slalom.

Formula Gear: Starboard Formula HWR. Severne Reflex2 11.0 with Enigma 550 mast and Enigma Formula boom is the most used setup. I have Finworks LT70 (light wind) and Pro68 (medium to high wind) fins from Dave Lassila that are the best I ever used. I also have a 64cm Tectonics Raptor that is nice for really lumpy water and more emphasis on reaching. I still have a Pryde RS4 11.6 that was great in it's day and a Pryde RS5 9.0 for big winds.

Recreational Sailing
My kids use a Starboard WindSUP Silver 12 footer that is a blast! They have a lot of fun on it and it is also great for SUP.

For boards, the Starboard Futura is great for blasting around if speed is more of the focus, and the Kode is great for more jumping and freestyle. Both are fantastic all around boards.

For sails, the Severne Turbo is a great twin cam sail for stability and a more racey feel, yet lightweight. For more maneuverability and freeride with very light weight, try the Severne Gator. I just got the latest 2016 Gator in a 5.7.

Longboards and Older Gear
I spent over a decade racing on the Mistral IMCO and also have a lot of experience with almost every racing longboard from the late eighties onward. I even owned an Olympic Class Lechner A390 for quite a while.

Additionally, I sailed on Mistral shortboards throughout the 90's, so I am very familiar with those old "E-Series" boards. Especially the Energy (super fast!), Edge, Explosion, and the later Flow and Classic Series.

Other gear
For booties, I am a huge fan of ATAN. I only found out about them a couple years ago, but they are the best booties I have ever used. I like the split toe Madi 3mm, but for a regular round toe try the Sunfast model. They are available at Windpower.