Saturday, March 3, 2012


A bit more wind. Had a solid start planing off the pin with Joachim and we ran out front to the upwind mark. I caught him and passed on the leeward run when he seemed to get stuck in a lull a bit further outside than me. On the second upwind Joachim and I were close and worked over to the right again, but found lighter air. When we flopped back to starboard I went above the start/finish  boat (as the last reach was very broad/almost downwind), and Joachim went under the boat and I think went through the line. We'll have to talk and see if that is a penalty. We got upwind with Joachim in a couple second lead and ran down to the finish together. We ran into a lull with around 100 yards left, and Joachim made it across in front of me (not sure if that will count though). Nevin caught some puffs and used good speed to catch up to me as I was still accelerating. The boat said I beat Nevin in a photo finish.