Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not all wind is kona wind

Kona Fleet had three races earlier today and were on deck for a fourth race after the last Formula race this afternoon. The Formula fleet was eventually called back in when conditions were deemed too light for them. As Kona Fleet headed out the wind picked back up and we had good wind during our start sequence. But a couple of minutes into the sequence the powers that be aborted the sequence deeming it too windy.  L A M E  ! ! !

I sailed the course anyways, with my sail rigged for light winds no less, in 13 minutes. My opinion, again, is that the cancellation was completely, utterly, lame.

To cancel racing for one fleet (formula) due to light wind and then cancel racing for another fleet (kona) due to excessive wind within 30 minutes is perplexing. A bit of patience for the weather could go a long way...