Friday, March 2, 2012

R1 and R2 results

Course is upwind, downwind, upwind, reach across to a finish line at the top of the course.

R1: Nevin Sayre, Jochim (sp?), Jochim's daughter (katjas?), Andrea Gauthier (maybe swapped with steve), Steve Gottleib, Woody, me in 7th.

R2: Nevin, Jochim, me, katjas, ?

R1 I had a decent start at the pin on port. Running upwind decent in the light, shifty wind and when I a couple tacks up I tried crossing someone while on port and they tagged the last foot of my board, so I ended doing penalty turns. Probably around 10th at the windward mark and made up a couple on the run down. Held my own coming back up and reeled in a couple more places. Woody had been a ways back from me at leeward mark but sailed a fantastic second upwind to beat me to the top. I followed him to the finish.

Race 2 the wind filled in to a nice 10-15. I got a nice start at the boat with Nevin and was able to get out on him. I played shifts up the middle and got to the top in first. Jochim got around in second after banging hard left (he went off the start on his fin/no centerboard when he went left). There appeared to be a puff on the outside of the course when I rounded, and Jochim and I planned over there on a fairly high course hoping to catch it. No dice. Nevin and Kasja sailed dead downwind and made ground on us with Nevin getting to the bottom first. Jochim caught a nice swell near the bottom mark and got past me with board speed. We held that order back to the top and across the reach.

We came in for lunch and formula fleet is out racing in the breeze.