Sunday, June 12, 2011

Worthington Wrap Up

Day 2 featured shifty and gusty 5-15 mph winds. Sailors needed to balance their tactics between capitalizing on opportune shifts/gusts while staying cautious about not over-committing to one side of the course.

The course for the day was a 2-lap "P" course, basically a box with a set of jibes on the way down the outside leg. There were a lot of lead changes and position scrambles in each race, especially on the long upwind from the lee mark to the windward mark at the start of the second lap.

Andy Gratton did the best job of navigating the winds today and won the regatta title. Adam Anderson contiued his strong sailing for second place. I managed to do better than yesterday but still couldn't keep pace with Andy and Adam. But I did sail well enough to get into third place.

I will post complete results once I receive them.

Next up is Door County Breeze over the 4th of July weekend.

Arden, EL-11