Sunday, June 12, 2011

Worthington Update 1

We will be starting Day 2 racing at Worthington soon. Looks like about 10mph winds on the course. I'm hoping for better results than yesterday.

Alex Monroe (3rd and 1st place finishes Saturday), Adam Anderson (1st and 3rd) and Andy Gratton (two 2nd's) are tied for the lead. I have a DNF in race 1 as my cams popped off my mast on the third leg. Didn't have enough downhaul tension as I was trying to create a deep pocket for the light winds. Race 2 I got 4th position after chasing Andy Gratton all the way around the course only to have Alex steamroll past on the last leg...he was on such a roll he even caught and passed Andy. Adam also caught me on the last leg as I had gone left on the last beat (trying to get lucky to catch Andy and Alex so I split tacks) and Adam went right.

The Saturday races were exciting even though the wind was very light. You had to stay on your toes to keep in the better wind, avoid holes, and respond to the shifts. Lots of positions exchanged throughout both of the races.