Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2 at Dam Jam

We had another fantastic day of racing at Dam Jam, running four slalom races on a figure 8 course. Winds were about 15-25+ through the morning and the skippers meeting but diminished a bit and got more gusty as the wind veered south as racing approached.

I rigged a 7.5 to go on my isonic121 and put on a big fin to help with the lulls. The first race started during the largest lull we saw all day so I schlogged for the first leg but finally got going at the jibe mark. The puff was short lived because I was back to schlogging for most of the second leg as well. 3rd leg (of 4) the wind finally filled in a bit so I was able to make up some ground especially by working through the lulls to stay on a plane until the next puff. Managed to pull put a 3rd place I think.

To deal with the large lulls on the course and shifting wind conditions I decided to grab the Mega Cat longboard for the next race. I didn't make the change-over quick enough and ended up a bit late for the start. I got caught up with the fleet on leg two, but ended up losing time again when I fell off the board while trying to adjust the mast position...more familiarity with the board will help avoid this. I think I finished in the middle of the pack.

The next two races I was able to get my act together and be ready on time. It was fun sailing the longboard all powered up through the slalom course. Pulled off two bullets and was able to wrap up the regatta title.

Arden, EL-11