Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Severne Sails

Today I finally had some time to rig the new 2016 Severne Sails. Raceboard 9.5, Reflex R7 7.0 & 6.2, and Gator 5.7. The weather didn't cooperate enough to go sailing, but hopefully it will this weekend. The sails are ready. 

The 2016 Severne Raceboard is the 3rd generation of the Raceboard 9.5 sail. It got a bit longer for both the mast and the boom, so it's more triangular or less curve/roach. This results in a noticeably tighter perimeter for gen3, especially the top of the leech. 

The luff setting is now about 556 cm vs around 540 cm for gen2. These pictures are with the sail rigged on a 550 enigma mast. I want to try this first and then compare with rigging on a 530 enigma mast. Also, I need to use the sail a bit to wear it in before I can get the battens all the way dialed in. There are some wrinkles for now but those will get worked out.  

2016 Severne Raceboard 9.5, gen3

2016 Reflex R7 7.0

2016 Severne Gator 5.7