Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gear for Sale - Fall 2015

Here is my updated list of gear for sale. Check out the PHOTO ALBUM for pictures of many of the items, and be sure to click the 'info' button in the photo album for descriptions. Please email me or call 920-2five1-8six48 with any questions or for specific pictures, etc.

Be sure to hit the info button for details on each picture

2009 Copello custom slalom. ~90-95L, 61 cm wide. $500
- I won the 2009 Midwest Speed Quest on the Copello with a top speed of 40.8 mph.

~2004 Drops course slalom. 9'6", 122L. $195
- The Drops is all carbon, very light and stiff. Great value for an early planing board. Price includes padded reflective board bag.

~2002 Protech Convertible 289cm/101L. Bump n jump/slalom hybrid board. Great condition full carbon construction. Round rails for fantastic high speed jibing. Tuttle box. Includes padded board bag. $195

* All boards listed above have tuttle or deep tuttle box, except WindSUP has standard fin box.

[NEW LISTING!] Nearly new (2015) 7.8 Severne Reflex6. 484 cm luff, 214 cm clew. $625
- 460 SDM90 mast available below, works perfect for this sail

2013 Severne Raceboard 9.5. Rigs on Severne 530 mast. Very clean sail with only a small amount of wear! Bought in spring 2014 and only used for 8 regattas. $550

6.5 Severne Turbo (2012). 456 cm luff, 190 cm clew. The twin cam Turbo is a great all around sail. Excellent condition, the 6.5 is the best of the 3 Turbos listed here. $350
- 430 Redline mast listed below works perfectly on this sail

6.0 Severne Turbo (2011). 435 cm luff, 185 cm clew. The twin cam Turbo is a great all around sail. $300
- 430 Redline mast listed below works perfectly on this sail

6.2 Neil Pryde Hellcat. I think this is from ~2010. No cam slalom sail. It has a small tear near the top of the mast sleeve but still sails fine. Rigs on a 400 or a 430 mast. $125

5.4 Neil Pryde Supersonic (~2003). 432 cm luff, 181 cm clew. Rigs on 400 - 430cm mast. Older, but lots of life left, and handles wind very well. RAF, no cams. $120

4.7 Neil Pryde Sabre. ~2005 model. No cam free ride sail. Good handling and balance. The luff is just under 400cm, so needs like a 370 or 380 mast. I used the North 380 mast that is listed later. Good condition. $150

3.3, 3.8, and 4.3 Gaastra MW5 (~1999). Specs available if needed. Good for learning or still useful for high wind blasting or ice sailing. $40 each, $100 for all 3.

[NEW LISTING!] Nearly new (2015) Severne SDM90 460 cm mast. 90% carbon. Ultimate combination of performance and durability. Recommended mast for the 7.8 Reflex6. $550

430 Severne Redline 100% carbon mast. Recommended mast for both the 6.2 and 7.0 Reflex3. Excellent condition. $375

550 Severne Enigma 100% carbon mast. Recommended mast for 11.0 Reflex2. Excellent condition. $600

[BRAND NEW!] 530 Severne Blueline 75% carbon mast. $450

460 Fiberspar Reflex4000 mast. I don't recall what the '4000' means, but the mast is labelled 50% carbon. $140

400 pacific mast. 30% carbon. Good performance and very durable. $70

380 North Spacetech mast. $60

Various 400, 430, and 460 30-80% carbon masts available.

Severne Blueline aluminum boom. 180-230 cm. Very stiff for an aluminum boom. Modern design and great front end clamp. Some grip wear. $90

Neil Pryde aluminum boom. Fits ~5.5-7.5 sails (around 175-225cm). $50

Chinook aluminum boom. ~130cm - 190cm. Fits ~ 4.0 m2 - 6.0 m2 sails. $75

Maui Fin Company (MFC) SL2, 32 cm. $80
[SOLD!] Maui Fin Company (MFC) SL2, 36 cm. $80
Various formula fins and longboard fins available.