Monday, December 29, 2014

Kona Worlds Follow Up

The Kona Worlds were pretty fun. I was content with my 13th place finish, but wish I had done a bit better. Wind was pretty good - almost all races were in 10-15 mph. I wish there had been more races in the 15-20+ that had been forecast for most of the week, but at least there were no drifter days.

Final Results
Photo Album with pictures from me and Ann Gratton
Official Kona Photos-1
Official Kona Photos-2
Freestyle video that Del Carpenter posted to Facebook

Here are a couple pictures from my photo album.
Me sailing #1470 between races
My gracious room mate for the week, Andy Gratton, on #2657
Andy gringing upwind with Nevin Sayre
Me approaching a finishing on port tack. I'll comment more on this later.
Me crossing the finish line on port tack ahead of #1875 on starboard. 1875 protested me on this crossing, and I ended up losing the protest hearing. I'll comment more in a future post... but I think this picture shows someone trying to head up and losing power in their sail from being clearly underneath my crossing.
Freestyle contest, while I was still upright ;)
Mile Marker 0 in Key West