Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 4 update

Two races done this morning in 10-15 mph. General recall in the first race and I didn't notice the black flag during the start sequence - woops. So, when I dip started over the boat at about 40 seconds to go I got disqualified right away. I kind of had an eerie feeling I shouldn't be there and no one else was around.

I thought the black flag flew during the entire sequence, bit I guess it goes up at 4:00 and down at 1:00. I didn't look at the boat during that time but should have.

Second race I think I scored in top 10. I probably had my best start of the event and ran upwind with the French candian guy. I think I got around the top mark in the mid-teens. First downwind I probably stayed even, gaining on some early but then losing other later as I tried making broad reaches but the wind wasn't strong enough. Second upwind was uneventful. It was hectic on last downwind though as I got a nice puff at the top and rode down past a lot of people. I jibed the mark (starboard to port) just in front of one of the girls on yellow sails and with Steve Gottlieb coming in hot on port behind her.

Me and Steve drag raced to the leeward mark and he had inside overlap on me so I have him room and cut hard into the wind behind him. He continued on port on his fin. I cut hard upwind and ground it out with another one of the yellow girls (Andrea I think). She flopped to starboard and I still stayed on port. A green sail and another yellow girl (Sayre I think) came across from the right on starboard on their fins, so I tacked early of them and thought I might be able to get them to the line.

The green sail rolled right past, and the yellow girl eventually got me just before the line. She was up higher so was able to come down fast in her straps to the finish while I was still grinding on the centerboard. The other yellow girl (Andrea?) finished at just about the same time as us over at the boat on port. Pretty sure she beat me and maybe Sayre as well, but there's a small chance I finished in front of her.

I think we are doing two more races this afternoon to complete the series. Tomorrow will then be long distance and freestyle.