Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kona North Americans 2012

I went to the Kona North American Championship in Waconia, MN this weekend. It was nice seeing many familiar faces from MOWIND as well as other parts of the country, Canada, and beyond. The Anderson family had a respectable showing - I finished 3rd overall (2nd in medium weight, green sail), Adam in 5th (2nd in heavy weight, red sail), and Dad in 15th (6th in heavy weight, red sail).

Racing on the Kona's is tight since the board speed doesn't vary much with the sailor skill, so the tactical decisions make more difference than in other classes. This made for interesting racing, especially in the last two races where we had the entire fleet of 50+ on the course.

Thanks to Mike Fox at Fleet8, Steve Gottlieb at Progressive Sports, the Event Sponsors, and all the other volunteers for making this happen!

Fleet Scores
Class Scores

Kona North Americans 2012