Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dam Jam report

I posted a summary to the MOWIND site.

Photo album:

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Dam Jam 2012

Races and Gear:
We raced several kinds of courses this weekend. I won both of the triangle course races using my Starboard Phantom 380 with Severne Raceboard 9.5 on Saturday morning. Next, I won five out of the seven slalom races Saturday afternoon on my Starboard iSonic 121 and Severne Reflex3 7.0. On Sunday we did three races on an "M" course (upwind leg, followed by four reaches with three jibes down to a leeward mark, 2 laps), and I scored a 2-1-5 in those races on the iSonic 121 and Severne Reflex2 7.8. My brother, Adam, just beat me in the first "M" course race on a similar setup, and in the third "M" course race the wind was lighter and fluky so the raceboards were able to beat the slalom setup.

Setting up before the first "M" course race Sunday

Severne Reflex2 7.8

Coming in between slalom races Saturday, Severne 7.0 Reflex3

I finished first overall with 8 bullets in 12 races, and a 2 and a 4 as my other scores (two throwouts).

The next race for me is in Worthington. Both Worthington and the Dam Jam are part of the US Windsurfing National Race Tour.